Berkeley Heights Youth SC

Scrimmage Rules

For the purposes of this discussion, a scrimmage is defined as a competition between two soccer teams which is NOT:
* a scheduled match of a league recognized by NJ Youth Soccer
* a scheduled match of a NJ Youth Soccer recognized tournament

BHYSC teams MAY engage in scrimmages or friendlies with other age appropriate teams providing the following guidelines are met:

* All players involved in the match are properly carded by the same carding entity. I.e. a team carded by US Youth Soccer can play a team with US Youth Soccer cards. However, a US Youth Soccer carded team could not scrimmage a team that only holds US Club Cards.
* All coaches must also hold the same cards as the players.
* The scrimmage must be between teams of similar ages or skill levels. It may not be appropriate to scrimmage even if the teams are the same age, if the skill difference is great enough that the risk of injury is substantially increased.